"Even the longest journey begins with a small step" is the adage that perfectly suits for RR Infra Avenues India Private Ltd. Strong belief and conviction of Promoters that laid foundation for the RR Infra Avenues. It is has many plans for the coming future, to start humbly, it has started taking the sub contracts of civil works, canal lining and works related to irrigation and hydro power. Recently taken up and successfully completing the tasks of road and earthmoving works.

Works are actively taking place in the states of Bihar, North Eastern states like Sikkim and venturing in states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Mr. Sudhir Rao, promoter is the key person with more than 25 years of experience in construction field. Starting with civil works, RR Infra is now exploring the new segments of construction of affordable housing for the diversification


RR Infra Avenues India Private Ltd was incorporated in the year 2011 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. RR Infra had been registered under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009 & OHSAS 18001:2007and first started its operations with The Bihar State Hydroelectric Power Corporation (BHPC), is an undertaking of the Government of Bihar which has been working since its very inception in 1982. RR Infra Avenues is taking a pivotal role in development and implementation of hydra units in the State's canal system.


To be one among the top preferred companies for delegating the large infrastructure projects To encourage continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees, stakeholders and society


  • To bag more number of contracts and execute them on time
  • To complete the assigned infrastructure task on high quality, ensuring the integrity, safety & sustainability
  • To be the best employer by providing good opportunities, dynamic challenges


In the very first year of inception RR Infra Avenues is reporting a turnover of Rs. 4 crores(FY2011-12). Management Team is very sure in sharp rise of the turnovers for the coming times. In a period of five years, Promoters strongly believes to increase the turnover by 10 fold. RR Infra continues to build on its reputation by maintaining an all round growth across the infrastructure segments where it operates. This year is has been quite good for the company.


RR Infra carries out operations from Hyderabad office. Though RR Infra has got site offices but the most of the operations are centralized from Hyderabad location. RR Infra has a flat organizational structure where anyone can reach and can converse with the top management. This helps in sharing the innovative thoughts of the employees with the top management for the better efficiency and functioning.

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